10 Jun 2014

Korres Twist Eyeshadows - The Unbudgeable

Finally I found the unbudgeable eye product I was looking for. The perfect summer apply-blend-and-voila-my-eyeshadow-is-awesome-looking kind of product. 

16 Jan 2014

Purple Pout

I've been lusting over this lipstick for way too long, and finally she's mine. By far the most favorite lipstick of the Autumn-Winter months. Magenta, purple and a hint of red, perfectlty combined for a vampy-but not so much, look.
So, what's yours?

MAC - Rebel

So... this happened...

My freaking first EVER video!

I'm trying not to freak out that I actually did this, but as it looks like, I did it.

Any feedback is welcome!

*I'm glad to be back ;)