3 Apr 2011

Haul Coming Soon

Hello world! Not really much of a groundbreaking post. Just to tell you that I placed my first asos order! I'm really excited. Most of the items I ordered are on clearance and I do have to tell you that you can find so aah-mazing stuff there! Most of them have a huge discount. I got 3 dresses, 1 pair of heels, 3 pair of tights ( they are sooo cool ) and some accessorises like a haidband and some cool jewellery. I ordered those along with my mother, who also got 3 dresses. In all it did not cost much considering the amount of products that we purchased. Also in the haul I'll do I'll show you some cool stuff I got from myfashionfruit.com. Love love looove that store! So, if you're interested then stay tuned for the upcoming Haul! :-)

Good luck,
Rafaella xxx

My Current Wishlist

    Current Wishlist:

  • More Vintage finds
  • Excellent performance on my final exams
  • Bleack Velvet Jeffrey Cambell's Litas
  • Dr. Martens Boots in Black Victorian Flowers      Check it out
  • Vacation in London ( LONDON BABYY )
  • 32 hour sleep ( and it still will NOT be enough )
  • More time with Mystery Man.. I really miss you..
  • Enough time for my DIYs ( a LOT to come in when my exams are over )
Well. this is my wishlist. But oh well.. A girl can dream, now can't she? ;-)

I can't think of something else - for now.
Please leave me a comment on your thoughts!

Good luck,
xx R.