3 Apr 2011

Haul Coming Soon

Hello world! Not really much of a groundbreaking post. Just to tell you that I placed my first asos order! I'm really excited. Most of the items I ordered are on clearance and I do have to tell you that you can find so aah-mazing stuff there! Most of them have a huge discount. I got 3 dresses, 1 pair of heels, 3 pair of tights ( they are sooo cool ) and some accessorises like a haidband and some cool jewellery. I ordered those along with my mother, who also got 3 dresses. In all it did not cost much considering the amount of products that we purchased. Also in the haul I'll do I'll show you some cool stuff I got from myfashionfruit.com. Love love looove that store! So, if you're interested then stay tuned for the upcoming Haul! :-)

Good luck,
Rafaella xxx


  1. Το Asos εχει τελεια πραγματα,καθε φορα που κανω παραγγελια δεν ξερω τι να πρωτοβαλω στην shopping bag!Με γεια σου,κ βεβαια photos μολις σου ερθουν εννοειται!

  2. Hey again,για την AXDW πηρα απο τους διοργανωτες press pass λογω του blog μου.Τωρα προσκληση πως ακριβως δινουν δεν ξερω,μπορει απο τους ιδιους τους σχεδιαστες μονο.

  3. http://newbornfashionistas.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-very-first-blog-award-versatile.html
    you've got an award!!


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