25 Feb 2012

A Really Personal Post...


Through many various conversations about the current situation my country is going through, and most improstatnly its people, I have been contemplating about whether continuing posting in a 'fashion' blog (I freaking hate labels) was the right thing to do.. I mean face it, things are so difficult right now. People are having difficulties providing food on their table, paying the rent, paying the gas.. Is posting on a blog like this really a good thing to do? On the other hand though, why should anyone abandon their love, their interest, their hobbies, their joys, their art for such a fictitious thing like money? But now, think again Rafaella, with what do you buy all those pretty clothes for your blog? With exaclty that. Money. But money is not everything in the world. If I don't have any money to buy clothes, I'll make some. If I get cold, I'll ask for a hug. If I go hungry, well.. that's gonna be a problem... Anyway, what I want to say (and maybe justify my thoughts) is that sometimes in a community like this, which is obvious that relates to consumerism, sometimes you get lost.. I mean, all you do is show to the world how pretty and expensive your stuff are? No. What you do (brace yourselves, a major clise is about to be said for the trillionth time) is share your love and interest for this form of art fashion is (maybe a clise but it still is true).
Never look down. Only up. Up, to the place you are going to reach. 

Honestly, I know this post is completelly different than the others, however it was very personal and something I could not omit. Especially after realizing that it does concern other bloggers too. For those of you that actually read this long long post, I sincerely thank you.

Yours, R.

10 Feb 2012

Golden Leaves and Collar Tips

Today's day started normally, but I had an urge to make something myself, and generally make myself usefull to the world (that might explain the sudden vacuuming of the house at 9 am.). You know when sometimes you search around in your old drawers/jewelry boxes/clothes/mum's clothes etc? Doesn't it make you wanna create something new from old stuff? No? Is it only me? Well maybe it's because looking back at some of my stuff makes me think 'Seriously Rafaella? What the HELL were you thinking?', but I can not bring myself to throw them away. INSTEAD, crafty Rafi (I kinda like that name, maybe I should call myself that way to many times in front of people 'till they're obliged to call me the same?) decided to make some collar tips I have been drooling over at Asos from these f-ugly earings, only All Mighty knows why I purchased 4 years ago (epic cheap, like 1euro). So if you're still here after all this jibber jabber, look at the magic that happened!

The final masterpiece (who are you kidding Rafaella?)

And here's the How To:
Ugly leafy earings - CHECK

You'll need 3 leaves for each tip

I drafted the tip of the collar for convinience

Place the leaves where you want them

After glueing them together, I joined them by a hoop ring with a safety pin

Fininshed them both

Et voila!

New in, Jeffrey Campbell's Litas

Now, I might be broke but at least I am stylish.
Going to restrain myself from splurging to something else, and tomorrow I'm going to have dive in my mum's vintage wardrobe. See if I can find more treasures there :)
Have a dreamy weekend beautiful creatures :)

PS. The most comfotable heels in the history of womens' pain.

Μπορεί να είμαι άφραγκη, αλλά τουλάχιστον το κάνω με στυλ.
Θα περιορίσω τον εαυτό μου από το άσκοπο ξόδεμα, και αύριο θα βουτήξω στη ντουλάπα της μανουλας μήπως βρω κανέναν ακόμη παλιό θησαυρό :)
Καλό ΣουΚου όμορφα πλάσματα :)

ΥΓ. Τα πιο άνετα τακούνια στην ιστορία του γυναικείου πόνου.

Jeffrey Campbell, Lita in Black Velvet

xx R.

1 Feb 2012

She Runs In Glitter Roads

My obsession with glitter is getting worse by the minute. I think that very soon people might get me hospitalized, I worry. 

Exams are so tiring.. The only thing that keeps me from exploding, is the waiting for the trip me and The Boy are planing to take after our exams. Patience, patience, patience. And just for the fun of it (and to actually prove that I've learned something this semester) here's a quote for you: 
"Anything used as insulation, is also used as means of communication''
Thaτ's exactly my opinion about ''fashion''. What's yours?
Hope you had a shiny week :)
P.S. This shirt is soon to be attacked by a DIY project of mine.

Η εμμονή μου με το glitter χειροτερεύει συνεχώς. Νομίζω πως σύντομα οι άνθρωποι θα με κλείσουν σε ψυχιατρική κλινική. Ανησυχώ.

Η εξεταστική είναι εξουθενωτική.. Το μόνο που συγκρατεί την έκρηξή μου είναι η αναμονή για την εκδρομή με Το Αγόρι που σχεδιάζουμε για μετά τις εξεταστικές μας. Υπομονή, υπομονή, υπομονή. Και μόνο για πλάκα (και για να αποδείξω ότι κάτι έμαθα αυτό το εξάμηνο) σας δίνω μία φράση: '' Ότι μεσολαβεί για να μονώσει, είναι μέσο επικοινωνίας''
Αυτή ακριβώς είναι η άποψη μου περί ''μόδας''. Η δική σας;
Ελπίζω να είχατε μια φωτεινή εβδομάδα :)
Υ.Γ. Στο πουκάμισο αυτό, λίαν συντόμως θα επιτεθώ με DIY.

- Glitter Metallized Pants, H&M
- Boyfriend Shirt, H&M
- Biker Boots, ASOS
- War Medal Pin, Vintage, bought in a flee market in Prague