29 Jul 2012

My Summer Essentials

I have been loving Aussie products for a while now, and dare I say it is true love? Since it's summer, I am way too bored to do anything with my hair, and these bad boys control the frizziness and lock in the moisture. The hair cuff and spikes are a stylish alternative to a simple -with a twist, ponytail, an essential hair do in this freaking heatwave.

As for nails, since it's summer, and since I am a nail junky, brights are the way to go! These are my picks.

From left to right:
Essie - Trompone, H&M - Peach Me Soon, 
Beauty Line Cosmetics - no.517 , Essie - Lilacism, Essie - Lapis of Luxury

If there's one single thing I NEVER forget, it's my sunscreen. Seriously people. I don't care if I'm going out for 5 minutes in the sun, I'm gonna slather it on like there's no tomorrow. No wrinkles for me, thank you very much.

Finally, minimal make up is the way to go. Some lip balm or sheer lipstick, a bit of powder, mascara, eyeliner and light scented perfumes and I'm off!

See you around pretty things. Peace.
xx R.


  1. I love the photos! I want to try Essie Lilacism and Lapis of Luxury and of course the Aussie products!

  2. I love Aussie! I've been using a leave-in hair conditioner spray that has my hair looking healthier everyday! I will make a post soon about my experience! :)


  3. All are nice and necessary!!!

  4. all these are just adorable sweetie i also take care a lot my face daily!!
    your blog is adorable i'd love to follow each other
    kisses my dear,

  5. I have the H&M headband too, it's so cool!!! Would you like following each other?


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