10 Jun 2014

Korres Twist Eyeshadows - The Unbudgeable

Finally I found the unbudgeable eye product I was looking for. The perfect summer apply-blend-and-voila-my-eyeshadow-is-awesome-looking kind of product. 

These twist stick eyeshadow jumbo pencils kind of things (you know the drill) are the latest launches of Korres. These babies are unbudgeable, and when I say that they don't budge I mean it! I get at least 8 hours of wear with these, without primer and I do have oily eye lids. They don't budge I tell you! They don't claim to be waterproof however you'll have to use an oil based product to remove them. Unfortunately they are limited edition (keeping my fingers crossed that they make them permanent).

They come in a wide range of colors, all wearable and fabulous. My picks were 11 Ivory and 33 Grey Brown. The first one is a shimmery champagne color with a peachy undertone, perfect for the fresh open doe eye look. Grey Brown is a satin cool toned brown (perfect for fair skinned gals like myself) with a mauve undertone (think Satin Taupe) that compliments any hazel and green hues in your eyes. Overall I can say that I am completely over the moon with these products, and I'm very glad I found my go-to eyeshadow for the summer!  

L-R: 11-Ivory, 33-Grey Brown

I am amazed at how easy they are to use!
I got them from an online pharmacy, for around 7.5 euros, totally worth it! What are your thoughts about these and what are your go to summer products?


  1. Η Ivory είναι τόσο ωραία!!!

  2. amazing kai oi dio fainontai teleies! <3



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